Dental Crowns

A crown is a tooth-like restoration that is used to replace the crown portion of the tooth. The existing tooth is smoothed down as to remove all decay. If limited tooth structure remains, material and small pins may be necessary to build up a base for the crown to attach.

Other offices still do crowns the old fashioned way. This would involve messy impressions, lab work and weeks to finally get the replacement.

Main Street Dental Care uses new aged technology that provides same day crowns without the mess and wait. The replacement is a full porcelain crown with the desired shape, contour, size, and color.

Crowns are recommended for a number of reasons, including: broken teeth, root canal treated teeth, misaligned teeth, badly worn teeth, severely decayed teeth, and enamel defects of teeth. Crowns are most often placed due to tooth fractures caused by large metal (amalgam) fillings. Crowns are a common procedure that can add both function and esthetics.